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A Bit on Motivation

Motivation is a funny thing. Recently, I have been going to reddit.com/r/getmotivated. Over there you will find a community which is brought together by the fact that we, as humans, can be weak. They bring in any and everyone because they not only want to improve themselves but everyone in the world. Often times we will not even recognize our weakness in ourselves. We will see it as a moment to relax. This moment is our reward for all our hard work. This community sees it as giving up. They see it as weakness. They will yell at you or inspire you. In this community, they intend to push everyone beyond their limits.

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I think this is amazing. My recent graduation with no job prospects is a tough place to be. I am, as I have said before, in a transition. It is as though I was dropped off at a train station. I am here and living comfortably, but I need to pick a train and board. Unfortunately, I am having trouble deciding on my ticket. I am having trouble even approaching the ticket booth. I don’t have my motivation.

Once again, this is showing me of what I am capable. There have only been a couple of times where I have gotten to work and put myself into the job market. It is as though I look at these jobs and think very little of myself. I see these postings for jobs, and realize I am not qualified. However, when I am not able to work, I realize, what does it matter? There is no reason why I am not qualified. Every person is their greatest critic because they are the only person who knows the truth behind every action.

I will sometimes listen to others. They will say things like, “You are a great person,” or, “You are awesome!” These sayings used to be meaningless to me because I would add an inner commentary to all of these by thinking, “But they don’t know the real you, do they?” Once I realized I was doing that, I thought to myself, “Do I know the real me?”

They say a person is defined by their actions. So if a person is their greatest critic, then they will hardly notice the good they do. However, others will notice those actions. Others can see the good in people. I always tell my friends how amazing they are. I notice their lack of perception, and more than anything people rely on their eyes for their perception. Our eyes can see the vastness of our world, but they cannot look directly upon themselves.

I realized that all of that which is pushing me down is not what it seems. It is almost meaningless. I saw this enormous fog in my life, but I realized I could walk right through it. The fog was just covering up my motivation. It had no weight. It has no power. It is just a cover.

I found this motivation, this potential energy stored up inside myself. I am now trying to harness this energy. Learn how to unleash this motivation to push myself harder than I have pushed myself before. It is a potential energy within us all. It is more powerful than a thousand suns because it has the power to create anything. We can focus ourselves on creative energies, physical energies, mental energies, and with the motivation, we can push ourselves to do anything we choose.

The only problem is that we don’t understand motivation. We see it as this epiphanic, inspirational oil spring to which some have the secret. That is not true. It is not a drug which gives you energy. It is a job itself. You must just do something. The motivation is just doing what you are going to do and ignoring every excuse your lazy mind can come up with.

Thank you sulucla on reddit for this inspirational yet so far anonymous quote:
“You will not succeed by waiting for motivation to strike, but by realizing that in the absence of motivation, you can do it anyway”

Picture courtesy of LoLexx and reddit.com